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Why this matters

I'm a 17-year-old High School Junior. My family and I are ordinary Americans from Colorado who are deeply troubled by Russia’s brutal, unprovoked war on Ukraine. We couldn’t stand by and do nothing while Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin tries to destroy a free and peaceful country and its people.  

We can’t go to Ukraine to fight. We can’t stop countries from buying Russian oil. But we can sell t-shirts and donate 100% of net proceeds to the Bank of Ukraine. So that’s what we're going to do. 

Please feel free to watch the video below and thanks in advance. 

Слава Україні


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Design & Details

The shirts are high-quality, 100% Cotton, unisex Ts hand-screened in Fort Collins Colorado. Prices are $25 for adults. Students can use the discount code "student" for a $5 discount. Honor system on student discounts, please.

100% of net proceeds will go to one of two official fundraising accounts operated by the National Bank of Ukraine. One account is for humanitarian assistance, like food and medicine, and the other is for defensive supplies, including weapons and ammunition. You can choose which account you’d like to support with your t-shirt purchase. To choose the account, simply write "Humanitarian Aid" or "Defense" in the Notes section at Checkout. If you don’t choose an account, the default will be to support the Ukrainian defense.​

For me, what to put on the front of the t-shirt was easy.  You might remember, on the first day of the war, February 24th, 2022 a Russian warship shelled a Border Guard outpost on Ukraine’s tiny “Snake Island” in the Black Sea. The captain of the Russian ship radioed the 13 Ukrainian defenders and ordered them to surrender, or they would be destroyed.

The Ukrainians replied, in Russian, “Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй", or “Russian Warship, go fuck yourself”. 

If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the courage and determination of the Ukrainian people, nothing can.

Below that legendary Ukrainian reply, also on the front of the t-shirt, is a map of Ukraine in the national blue and yellow colors.

The reverse of the shirt has the country’s Coat of Arms and their national salute, written in Ukrainian, “Слава Україні” – “Glory to Ukraine”.

Please consider supporting this fundraiser or giving directly to the Bank of Ukraine (See links below)

The hour has come and we Americans need to help Ukraine.

Official Bank of Ukraine Donation Portals:


Humanitarian Assistance

For more information / media / bulk pricing, please contact us at:

Transparency: We’ll regularly update this website with sales and donation information.  We’re learning as we go here; this is our first website, let alone online store, so please bear with us as we “learn by doing” and iron out the kinks in our processes. 

Please feel free to share this fundraiser with friends and family, and thanks for looking.

Слава Україні

Glory to Ukraine

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